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Megapixel lenses @Gansu highway
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We win the project of Gansu highway by cooperation with local partner this year. The megapixel lenses including 3.0 megapixel 4-16mm 1/1.8" and 4-18mm 1/1.8";
Gansu highway is belong to Gansu transportation dept., and the highway are sometimes surrounded by desert and mountain.
Gansu highway project is the 2nd biggest project we win at national high speed way after Yunnan highway.
Welcome your inquiry for our 3.0 megapixel lens 1/1.8 4-18mm and 8.0 megapixel lens 11-40mm 1/1.8" & 8.0 megapixel 16-70mm 1/1.7" megapixel lenses, cctv lenses etc.


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