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Machine vision lens growing quickly
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With the fast growing of cctv camera and using of cctv lens as as as the govenment limit of state projects, the current situation is much more companies getting worse step by step,many more suppliers are changing to machine vision / industrial automation business.
Soyo is now focusing at machine vision lens, industrial automation lens based on much investment.
We work with our partner to cooperate with Samsung at machine vision project.
Our machine vision lens including 8.0 megapixel 1" lens, 5.0 megapixel 1" lens, 5.0 megapixel 2/3" lenses etc

Lenses including below.

Model No. Format  Mount Focal length (mm) Aperture Iris Resolution
SMV0614-5ML 2/3" C 6.0 F1.4 Manual 5MP
SMV0814-5ML 2/3" C 8.0 F1.4 Manual
S1MV0814-5ML 1" C 8.0 F1.4 Manual
S1MV1214-5ML 1" C 12 F1.4 Manual
S1MV1614-5ML 1" C 16 F2.0 Manual
S1MV2214-5ML 1" C 22 F2.0 Manual
S1MV2514-5ML 1" C 25 F1.4 Manual
S1MV3514-5ML 1" C 35 F2.0 Manual
S1MV5014-5ML 1" C 50 F2.0 Manual
S1MV1614-8M 1" C 16 F1.4 Manual 8MP
S1MV2014-8M 1" C 20 F1.4 Manual
S1MV2514-8M 1" C 25 F1.4 Manual
S43MV2220-8ML 1" C 22 F2.0 Manual 8MP
S43MV2235-8ML 1" C 35 F2.0 Manual

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