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P-iris 1.1" 25mm 12MP ITS lens
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Under requirement of clients special project, we make it into mass production of new launched ITS lenses which will spread in the world.
Performance or function below.
* 12~16M high resolution
* 1" large format
* F1.0 very big aperture
* IR function for night view
* P-iris for variety of enviorment requirement
* 25mm focal length

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The traditional LED light camera will have bright light and making driver risky at driving when shooting especially at evening time which might cause accident; Now new concept of IR lens will help to reduce the accident and left driveing safety.
IR lens capturing bright evening picture + Real-time capturing a color picture = Camera synthesis ==> A bright color picture.

( Current LED bright light shooting, a risky light for driving )

( New concept of IR bright picture + real-time color picture synthesis )

( Comparison of new concept ITS and traditional LED bright ITS )

( New concept ITS )